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A Short Stint in Tibet: Captured by Chinese Horse Soldiers, A Couple is Taken on a Wild Journey of Body and Mind Seasons of Sand Sahara: One Man's Quest to Save a Dying Sahara Village (Paperback) by Ernst Aebi

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Book Description
The stuff that dreams are made of-and it's all real.
- Kirkus Reviews

Seasons of Sand entertains right through its surprise, disturbing ending, and leaves one with a sense of an exotic place and its people-everything that can be asked of a good travel book.

Frank and humorous, filled with marvelous people and the details of his own daily life, Aebi's book tells an original tale.

With the guts of Hemingway and the erudition of Sir Richard Burton, Aebi's writing is pure exhilaration. Amazing grace under pressure and a graceful zaniness pressed like wild flowers between so many pages, the result is deeply moving, wildly funny, and profoundly impressive.
-Paul William Roberts, RIVER IN THE DESERT