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A Short Stint in Burma : A Thriller (Paperback) by Ernst Aebi A Short Stint in Burma : A Thriller (Paperback) by Ernst Aebi

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Spurred by the hope of a new chapter in life with a wonderful woman, he was unwilling to risk the beckoning future free of financial worries the rubies would bestow on him. The emergence of this materialism was very recent and the recognition of the nascent ugly beast gnawed at his guts. Not long ago, before he had gotten hold of a gem stash, his goals had always been jobs well done and adventures well lived. Now an unrecognizable, hitherto alien possessive beast inside him, had started a persistent whisper. Journalist Ursula Giger and treasure hunter Nick Horner have discovered a dangerous secret in the Burmese jungle, a secret the brutal Burmese junta's henchmen don't want revealed. Braving daunting odds and, with the help of former headhunters wreaking havoc among their depraved adversaries, will they manage to survive?